The 5 Best College Scholarships for High School Seniors

Everybody appreciates a college scholarship, but with the amount of college scholarships and the even higher amount of high school students competing for scholarships, it proves to be a tough decision. Many scholarships have specific criteria based on ethnicity, sex and specializing in factors such as specialized fields such as medicine, engineering, sports, etc. The following five rate as the top scholarships where you only need great grades, drive and self-motivation.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship

Rated as one of five best College Scholarships is this one from Jack Kent’s Foundation, where 40 students stand the chance to graduate from the best four-year colleges in the nation. A nationwide selection of students which will receive the majority of educational expenses including fees, books, living expenses and tuition paid for. This scholarship allows a successful candidate to study the desired field of their own interest, as well as student and educational advise and up to $40,000 per annum to attend an accredited undergraduate school. Scholars are selected based on financial need, academic ability, academic achievement, persistence, leadership, student essays, standardized test scores and recommendation letters. The minimum eligibility requirements are a family income of $95,000, test scores in top 15 percent and plan to graduate in spring 2015 from a US high school. Enrollment into college should be in fall 2015 with applications open until November 2014.

AXA Achievement Scholarship

AXA Achievement Scholarship provides scholarships to students in all the states nationwide. Applications to this scholarship remains open until 10,000 applications are received or until 15 December, 2014. High school seniors wishing to attend a full-time undergraduate course of two or four years at accredited colleges and a United States citizen may apply. Criteria for acceptance include workplace activity, community activity, outstanding high school achievement, self-drive and ambition. Fifty-two applicants are selected of which some applicants will receive a one-time $10,000 award and at national level, awards of $15,000 and $25,000 per student. Students residing in Puerto Rico, Columbia or any of the fifty States in the US and currently high school seniors can apply for the 2015-2016 academic year.

TheDream.US Scholarship

TheDream.US Scholarship from Graham Holdings Company was initially created for assistance of immigrants who could not afford an American education in living the American Dream and joining the US workforce. Today this scholarship award $12,500 or $25,000 per student based on financial need, motivation to succeed and academic achievement. Students must be first-time college students graduating from a high school based in the United States with cumulative grades of 2.5 or higher. The deadline for the 2014 applicants for the 2015 college enrollment year is 26 October, 2014.

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship is sponsored by GE and the Ronald Reagan Foundation for all high school senior residing in the United States. Qualities exhibited by the former president Roland Reagan is the criteria scholars should meet for example, integrity, drive, leadership attributes and great grades. The applicants must have a minimum 3.0 average grade point, demonstrate financial need and plan to enroll full-time for an undergraduate course during 2015 -2016 and graduate from high school either winter 2014 or spring 2015. Applicants will receive renewable scholarships for four years at $10,000 per year and applicants are welcomed to apply from 13 October 2014 until 8 January 2015 or until they received 25,000 applications.

QuestBridge National College Match

This outstanding scholarship from QuestBridge offers low-income high school students the opportunity to fulfill their dream of enrolling to a four-year college tuition program up to a hundred present. The requirements are simple they expect academic excellence, full financial background, two letters of recommendation from your teachers in two of the core academic subjects followed, a secondary report from the high school counselor and high school transcript as well as standard test scores. The application deadline is 26 October, 2014.

These are some of the best scholarships out there based on merit. It’s always a good idea to apply to as many scholarship programs as you can so you not only have the best chance of at least getting one, but if you qualify for multiple scholarships that’s more money for your education.